Thank you for visiting my website「Kiraqmin」.

I am a mother of two who lives in Vancouver, Canada. I came in Canada from Japan ten years ago. After my graduation from a collage in Vancouver, I worked as a graphic and web designer for over 4 years, then I decided to leave my last job to become a stay-at-home mom after my maternity leave. Early childhood especially is so precious, I spend my time with my children daytime. When I get some time off, I do some freelance works.

Work Experience and Education

I worked in sales at an ethical pharmaceuticals wholesaling company after I graduated from Yokohama City University in Japan where I studied Commerce and Business Administration. And then I decided to leave the job because I wanted to do something related to design and also study English abroad. Finally I came in Canada for the first time! After I obtain a diploma in Graphic Web Design, I worked as a graphic web designer for over 4 years at a few companies; printing company, IT education company and computer hardware and software retail company. I have carried on my career as a freelance graphic web designer since I became a mother.


I do really feel there are many many happiness in a simple life style. Just being around beloved ones and doing what you enjoy bring the best to your life. It is a pleasure to help you with graphic and web design things which I really enjoy. And from that point if we can share our goals, that's even great!